Our School

Members of Kumgang Taekwondo practice under the direction and rules of Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ), which is in turn affiliated to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) based in Seoul Korea .

Our goal is excellence and understanding in the art of taekwondo. We hope to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Each year members of Kumgang Taekwondo have the opportunity to participate in various taekwondo competitions held in New Zealand and overseas. We also have a taekwondo camp once a year, which is great fun for everybody (white-black belt).

A very important seminar we run is our Bullying Awareness Seminar and our STAR programme which has become very popular with students and even more with parents.

Our colour belt promotion tests are held four times a year and for black belt once a year. This year we had nine students promoted to black belt with Kukkiwon (WTF headquater in Korea) certificates .

Our Programs

Tiny Warrior

Set your 5 to 8 year old up for success both physically, emotionally and intellectually. Empowering your child with life skills and self esteem through a fun, non-aggressive age specific Tiny Warrior program. In this program your child will develop confidence, focus, concentration, discipline and coordination. With gradings every school term your child will be set up for success and learn that hard work builds on results. Suitable for beginners only.

Tiny Warriors


Enriching 9 to 13 year olds with the focus and drive to excel. The Warrior program takes the needs and energy of the 9 to 13 year age group and challenges them to set goals and achieve them. Students practice strength, coordination and fitness while progressing through the art of Taekwondo. Creating strong, confident individuals through our exciting self defense and martial arts curriculum.


A way of life: Martial Arts, self defense and fitness. Making exercise fun and challenging you to achieve great health, new skills and a positive mindset. Our Adults program has years of experience with motivating students and adults to achieve. This program encourages healthy habits, positive mindset and success in school and work environments. This program is a great way to make friends, have an outlet for the stressors of life and set yourself up to succeed. Empowering teens and adults with the tools to succeed with their body and mind.

Adult Warriors
Kali Martial Arts


Embark on a journey of weapons based Martial Arts and compliment your self defense journey with our exciting Kali curriculum. Kali is a highly effective self defense art which uses sticks, knives, bladed weapons and other various improvised weapons for defense. Empowering coordination, confidence and focus, this program is available for beginners to advanced Martial Arts practitioners aged 9 years or older.


Empowering women and building fitness, resilience and self defense, the Ladies only classes are an excellent place to gain confidence and make friends. Ladies only classes are available for beginners all the way up to advanced Martial Arts practitioners. Martial Arts like Taekwondo involves all major muscle groups in the body and because of this it is one of the highest kilojoule burning sports that also improves core strength and flexibility. As an individual sport, you can build up in your own time and watch your journey of improvement.

Ladies @ Kumgang Tae Kwon Do
Core & Balance

Core & Balance

Supplement your busy lifestyle with our calming Core & Balance classes. Derived using elements from Yoga, Qi Gong, Pilates and Martial Arts these classes are an excellent way to strengthen your body and mind and develop resilience to the stressors of life.